Importance Of Empathy In Digital Age

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The video, “Empathy in digital age”, by Katri Saarikivi is an excellent story because the author has stated of empathy is the most important human skill in the digital age. The main point of the author is empathy is an important thing to for human to achieve the greatest thing or solve a problem with the skills that are typically connected to intelligence like whether you're really quick with their thinking whether you remember all the dates or things like that it's skills such as these learning creativities flexible thinking. Collective intelligent is one of the best problem-solving tool and empathy is the root for this. The author also stated that empathy the importance of empathy will only increase in the future. For an example robot are coming to work and they're going to take our jobs this isn't true sadly work won't decrease but the types of tasks that humans focus on will change. Empathy is a skill where we can take on the robot it's a skill that the robots do not have and in summary this means that empathy will be the most important future work skill actually. I strongly agree that empathy is the most important skill in digital age which can help us withstand the test of time and technology as it is becoming the most valued human …show more content…
Empathy skills this allows us to collaborate to cooperate. For example, we manage to survive in an age when we were living among these terrible beasts. These are the ways to increase empathy one of them suggestion from a neuroscientist is let's try transcranial magnetic stimulation. Another suggestion you might want to try and that is become an explorer of the world become an explorer of the world there are as many realities in this world. Reading is one a one very efficient way to get to know new worlds get to know different

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