Importance Of Effective Reading

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An effective reading teacher uses different strategies to engage the readers. The teacher integrates the reading, writing, and other language activities and carries out a language arts program. Students are individually, culturally and linguistically different from each other, and they learn reading in different ways. Developing fluency is a goal of a balanced literacy program. Silent reading for comprehension help students remember that reading is first and think the words in their minds. Activate prior knowledge by questioning, predicting and discussing to make connection and motivate learners.
Vocabulary development is built in multiple ways. Represent word meanings multiple ways allow learners plentiful access to vocabulary. Multiple representations
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Students shared about their personal stories and we are all learning how to work together. Children are used to helping each other and teaching each other all kinds of things. When students get so wrapped up in their books, they share the funny parts, ask questions for clarification, and tell me about each and every connection they were making. At first, I allowed these mini-interruptions to occur, seeing them as readers wanting to discuss their books. What I didn 't see was that students were becoming dependent on me. They each developed a need to let me know what was happening in their books, questions they had, and connections they were making. While I loved their excitement, one student became two and soon students wanted to chat with me and fewer student were spending time on task. I realized that my students need to learn how to listen and pay attention when someone is talking. Students love to share about themselves but they also need to learn not to interfere by talking spontaneously. Sharing and actively participating in the discussion is a positive thing. But I want to make sure that they are learning from each other. I had to ask students to repeat what the other student just said to make sure that they were paying attention. I also asked students to rephrase what the other just said to check their understanding. In my future classroom, I want everyone to have the opportunity to share without taking too much time. So, instead …show more content…
Good planning is effective when the teacher get to know the student personally. Clear instruction and communication is necessary to gain as much in the limited time. I tried to demonstrate and show examples before I asked students to do. This allows gradual release of

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