Importance Of Education

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There are many things that I am certain about myself and three of them are my burning passion for knowledge, desirable thirst for learning, and my personal mission to live up the expectations I have set for myself. I have always made going to college the number one goal in my life. I knew attending college would open many more doors of possibilities, than just having a high school diploma. While I attended high school I was involved in a variety of different groups and organizations. I was an active member of my FFA chapter and I participated in varsity athletics I was a member of my FFA chapter all four years of high school. I participated in many of the Leadership Development Events; I also actively showed market swine. The LDE events I was involved in included Ag Advocacy, and Public Relations. Throughout my time of participating in the LDE competitions I gained the knowledge and confidence that helped me grow as a student and as a person. While I was a member of FFA …show more content…
I competed in both Varsity Track and Varsity Softball. Been and athlete taught me hard work and self discipline. When it was finally my time to be a senior I knew hat I had to live up the expectations set by the ones before me. I had to step-up and help lead the teams to there full potential. The leadership skills I learned from the players before me, taught me how to be a leader to the ones that were now watching me. Throughout my time in these organizations I gained many values that have helped me in my college career. The leadership skill I was taught through FFA, and the self discipline and hard work I learned from varsity athletes will be some of the values and traditions I will pass on to my kids. I believe I deserve this scholarship because of these values I have learned. Being awarded this scholarship will let me peruse my dreams of becoming a teacher and hopefully impacting students the way my teachers, and coaches did for

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