Importance Of Education On Hypertension

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Area needed for improvement NorthLake Family Practice sees on a daily basis a significant amount of African American newly diagnosis or patients with uncontrolled hypertension. I feel that education on hypertension, importance of medication and medication compliance, complication seen with uncontrolled hypertension, importance of exercising, and the DASH diet plan is needed to decrease hospitalizations and occurring of complications. African Americans are at a higher risk for hypertension versus other races. The class will consist of at least ten African American patients, both males and females ranging from ages 40 and older, that have been newly diagnosed or has uncontrolled hypertension.
Community Resources There is an increase in hypertension seen in the community. It is imperative that healthcare providers not only educate the patients on hypertension, but they must educate the families and the communities. Some local community resources include the fire department which offers free blood
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J.P. make educated lifestyle choices and changes that will promote health and promote a stable blood pressure. Mr. J.P. has been aware of possible behavioral changes. Patients with hypertension may have very comprehensive learning needs. The learning needs are focused on controlling blood pressure and preventing complications of hypertension. Learning needs of preventing and controlling blood pressure may seems complex which may include: monitoring blood pressure level, eating correctly using the DASH diet plan, exercising, medications compliance, prevention of complications from uncontrolled hypertension, knowledge of medications, knowledge of the disease process and how to manage blood pressure from going to low or going to high. The main goal of the teaching plan is to provide the patient with knowledge of hypertension to be able to make self-directed behavioral changes to improve their overall

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