Importance Of Education For Prisoners

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College Education for Prison Inmates
Prison should be a rehabilitation center not just a warehouse for inmates. Taxpayers already pay for some prisoners. Why should tax payers pay for prisoners again if the prisoners get incarcerated after finishing his or her first jail time? If all prisoners were to get college level education during the incarceration they will have a better chance of doing well in the outside world. If the ex-prisoners does well in the outside world then he or she will not go back to prison. Not only will the ex-prisoner benefit herself or himself it will benefit society. “According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a study of prisoners from 2005 to 2010 revealed that 76.6 percent of released prisoners were arrested
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They believe that if a person were to get in prison, they should not have done anything to prevent it. They also believe that it’s the prisoners problem, not theirs. For example,"Felonies are wrong and controllable acts, and those who commit them will be punished”(Logan). Even though people who are felons and do wrong things they should be helped. For example prisoners, when they are let out of prison they go back to society. People should invest in prisoner’s education so the prisoner will learn what is wrong and what is right. There is a lot of prisoners too not just a couple that is released. For example, “The article evaluates the rate of incarceration in the U.S. It was estimated that there were 357,292 inmates in prisons in 1970.”( Lennon). A number of prisoners there are, we as a society should help each single one of them. Even though it is bad that there are many prisoners in the United States we can help the prisoners by providing them an education. If half of those prisoners were to get an education while incarnated it will not only benefit themselves it will benefit everyone. Since there is barely any education as of now in most prisons, there will be more prisoners at this rate. It is not just affecting our generation but it also affects the future …show more content…
“Mr. Vance said studies had shown that educated inmates were less likely to commit crimes when they left prison, an outcome even law-and-order-minded prosecutors could embrace”(McKinley ). When prisoners leave prison with an education they have a better chance of doing well in society. For example not committing crimes anymore but getting a career. By getting a career the ex-prisoner can get a house, get a car and make his or her own family. Just by educating a prisoner you are leading him or her in the right direction. “It was supposed to be an opportunity to help people. We lost that somewhere along the way”( Mckinley). People sometimes get lost in life and chose to do bad things. That is why we as a society should educate

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