Importance Of Early Childhood Education

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As a student I was motivated throughout grade school to do good and try hard. I wanted all my art projects to be perfect. I think I was a pretty good students to have, I mean I wasn’t terrible. I enjoyed my early years of school but started to lack once I got to high school. I still enjoyed art class but not so much the other ones, like English. If I’m not very good at something then I hated doing it. I dreaded writing papers and usually waited until the last minute. English has never been my greatest subject. My only really bad memory of school was I never really liked teacher who picked favorites. Every teacher does it and every teacher shows it. I hope I myself will never pick favorites. I realize I will have student that are just all …show more content…
From the time I started going to school until I was probably a little too old to be playing house I was always the teacher. My mom works for a company that makes textbooks so I always would steal her books and “teach” out of them. I have always loved to be around small children and school aged children. This is why I chose early childhood because younger grades are what I want to teach. I think the scariest and at the same time the best part of becoming an early childhood teacher is that I am helping to shape their future by teaching them and helping them learn for their future. The younger grades are just beginning to learn what they need to be successful and to advance in the future with their education. I have had a lot of people in the past try to talk me out of teaching and at first I didn’t let it bother me. When it started to get to me I changed my major and changed it back about five times. My first practicum my freshman year is what really made me realize I am in fact in the right career path. I have recently started having mixed feeling again. I know I want to be a teacher but I also would really like to be able to work with children along the lines of language development. I would love to help children who are behind or need a little extra help to get them on the right track to succeed. I am just not sure what that would be considered degree

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