Immanuel Kant's Duty Of Self-Knowledge

The Duty of Self-Knowledge
Moral self-knowledge is a key to understanding the self. More importantly, the moral self is what benefits from moral self-knowledge. The benefits stem fromIt benefits due to knowledge which contributes to understanding one’s current mental state. This knowledge is not for evaluating ourselves but rather to decide what actions are right. “The value of self-knowledge does not lie in a determination of why I did what I did—whether or not the motive I ultimately acted on was pure” (O’Hagen #?). Our moral selvesf develops once we appreciate that value. Practical knowledge of ourselves through consistent observation of our actions leads to a better understanding of moral objectivity. Moral objectivity is an objective
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Deontology is ethics in regardsrelating to duty, moral obligation and right action. The duty of moral self-knowledge is present in ?. The ability to know yourself is a pressing issue that moral agents accessible by abiding duty. Specifically, our inclinations to act are either good or evil. We are obligated to develop knowledge of ourselves. Is our morality in line with what Kant demands in the best interest for humanity as a whole? Kant is widely known for claiming that we cannot know our moral dispositions. At the same time, he is known to declare the first duty of the self from his Metaphysics of Morals is to “Know thyself”. These terms are contrary to one another and therefore must be reconciled. Owen Ware’s paper titled, “Duty of Self-Knowledge” is an exposition of this problem posed by Kant in his writings. Ware solves the puzzle of self-knowledge by reconciling both of Kant’s stated claims. I will reconstruct Ware’s argument detailing the duty of self-knowledge. Next, I will raise two objections to his argument. Also, I will consider a potential reply by Ware. Our moral dedication to understanding ourselves with knowledge is crucial to everyone and therefore, must be properly understood by all. The puzzle of self-knowledge could be solved by disciplining our motivations and maxims to choose actions that uphold duty which are in accordance with

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