Importance Of Domain And Curricular Structure: Main Idea

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Domain/Curricular Structure: Main Idea

Goal/Concepts to be explored:
• I want the students to understand that the main idea of a text is the most important point the author is making about the topic.
• I want the students to be able to identify the main idea and supporting details in a passage.

• Standard 6: Summarize key details and ideas to support analysis of central ideas.
 6.1 Summarize multi-paragraph texts using key details to support the central idea.

Content/Rationale: (Reasons for teaching and connections to theory – this section should directly support the stated objectives/standards)
• I chose this lesson because these students have been working on asking and answering questions to determine meaning
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(example below) Below the image will be the paragraph from the song that we just listened to. o “We went on a trip to London. We took a tour of Buckingham Palace. We Walked through Trafalgar Square. I’d love to go back to London.”

• With the class as a whole we will read through the passage again and discuss what the three supporting details are from the passage that supports the main idea.
• “Now we are going to do an activity at our tables. Here I have a bag and it is called my main idea bag. I am going to pull one item from the bag at a time. (pull item from bag) Show it to the class and discuss what it is. I will repeat this for all of the items in the bag. We will then work together to fill out the worksheet below. • Once the students understand the activity I will distribute a main idea bag to each table.
• “Let each person at the table have a turn to hold the item that you pull out of the bag. Then discuss it as a group. Do this for each item and then fill out the worksheet.
• While the students are completing the activity I will be walking around to each table observing what they are

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