Importance Of Diversity Through Multicultural Education

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Affirming Diversity through Multicultural Education
To affirm diversity public schools must develop their multicultural education programs and curriculum (Nieto, 2012). Advancing a multicultural curriculum will need to purposeful with a proactive approach. Administrators and faculty will need to be retrained and develop the skills to teach from a multicultural point of view (Nieto, 2012). Educators will need to immerse themselves in cultural experiences, engage in conversations with others from various ethnic groups, and look at education as a holistic approach rather than one size fits all. By providing an education from a multicultural approach, students may be better prepared to encounter a population that is changing towards ethnic
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Though my own personal education did not include association with people of color, I feel I have become understanding of other cultures and ethnicity because of the diversity training I have received through corporate training and association. Therefore, this training I have received along with direct interaction with individuals of color, I have become a person who can engage with other cultures, but after reflecting on the perspectives of Nieto and Bode, I still need to put aside any personal biases that I may have towards people of color. I must become more tolerant of the diversity of others individual lifestyles and bestow judgment upon them. I shall engage in conversation with them to learn more about them as a person. Hence, this conversation may lead to helping me become a better person and gain the ability to relate to other culture and lifestyle in order to become an influential leader in our educational …show more content…
The same rhetoric has been spoken at the community level and even in our school systems. In order for transformation to take place, a plan of action needs to be carried out. I plan on looking taking a social inventory of the school that I will be working for and mapping out the different ethnic backgrounds of the student body. Once I have obtained this information, I will then begin to formulate self-studies about each of the student’s ethnic background. I will look to incorporate that information within my own lesson plans to begin the process of implementing a multicultural education for my students. As my leadership role grows, I will begin to mentor other teachers on the importance of incorporating multicultural material within the curriculum. I must realize in order for reform to take place, I must first make the changes within myself to be able to influence those around me. I will look for opportunities to engage with the cultures of the school I will be working in as this may an essential element in eliminating racism among others. If I can help reshape the biases of those around me to include and tolerate the differences that surround us, I believe this will help students function in an ethnic transforming society that we live

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