Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace

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Register to read the introduction… Two major obstacles that can occur in the workplace are the dress code and holidays. As we look around us we are aware that many cultures dress differently than we do as well as celebrate differently holidays. Business have the daunting task of determining what the dress code will be and which holidays the company celebrates. This can be extremely hard in a diversified workforce. Depending on the business they may want to allow those employees from different cultures to dress according to their culture thereby creating a more comfortable environment and support. Holidays can be difficult as well, since most business tend to follow the holidays according to the federal calendar. Companies will sometimes create a more flexible schedule when permitted to accommodate those who have different holidays to help them celebrate them according to their culture. “Diversity is about learning from others, providing support and respect to those with similar and different experiences, and creating an encouraging workplace that welcomes new opinions. Whether they’re your coworkers, friends, or clients, it’s always important to be courteous, respectful, and inviting to others. “And if you find yourself stumbling around unfamiliar cultural traits, remember Tracy Smith’s ( human services division City of Bloomington) number one rule. “Just ask the person”. [ (Kathryn, 2009) …show more content…
Laws still remain the same, it makes it illegal for companies to hire, fire, and promote based on race, religion, ethnicity, and other similar factors. For many years companies always had to be careful with regards to discrimination law suit. Today with companies looking to diversity, they have to be careful with reverse discrimination law suits now as well. Some companies try to establish some kind of compliant diversity program with respect to hiring, firing and promoting peoples of various cultural backgrounds. You will need to make sure that there is a documentation strategy in place, so that if for any reason you will need to prove that you did the right thing, should a challenge present itself. When setting up a compliant diversity program, business’s need to be aware that they cannot establish a specific number or a percentage when hiring and firing and promoting minorities. The Supreme Court has set a certain criteria for business to follow and that implementing any sort of plan must have some legal analysis.
Managing Diversity in the

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