Importance Of Developmental Learning

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Developmental Learning

With the onslaught of technology personal development has become increasingly important. A few years ago, when I signed up for 'online banking with bill pay ', I excitedly went home to make my first transfer to someone else 's account within the same bank. I went through the process of entering my log on ID and passcode on the bank 's website and then proceeded to make the transfer. This event was a disaster, as I had no idea of what I should do. I tried to read the drop down menu to see if I could figure it out, but was unsuccessful. There was a tab marked 'transfer ' which I had selected, but even then I did not get an option of where to transfer the money. Frustrated and confused, I made a call to my bank 's online
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With the help of the online personnel who walked me through the process from start to finish forcing me to adapt to the online banking community, which I am now doing independently and even carrying out a more advanced transaction which I am able to decipher on my own. This as Granott puts it, is definitely an indication of fundamental restructuring. I would be stuck joining lines to make deposits that can simply be done from the comfort of my home.

Getting the help that I needed took away the fear of ignorance and instill within me the confidence of knowledge, which I am comfortably exercising today on my own which demonstrates self scaffolding each time I go to do online banking.

I have gradually developed a prevailing tendency in the development of my own knowledge “by actively restructuring and self- scaffolding” (CDL. Selected Readings: Human Learning: A developmental Approach, 2015, p. 18), which in my opinion promotes continuos growth trajectory.

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