Personal Narrative: How Thanksgiving Changed My Life

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I was an only child. I'm a 16-year-old named Gunther Woods, who goes to Seal Coast Academy. I live in a small town called Maplewood, Minnesota. I usually spend most of my time in my bedroom. My bedroom is like any ordinary bedroom that has a bed, a few unwanted stuffed animals lying on the cold hard floor, and most of the time you will see a lot of chocolate wrappers in the trash. I spend about all my time in my bedroom, it' the only place where I truly feel free and am one with my surroundings. I live with my mom and dad, and my hamster Lil Will. But I also live with something known as depression. I don't know when I started to have it, it was all kind of a blur. I try to forget my depression by eating a variety of chocolates, with many assortments …show more content…
I don't care much for Thanksgiving, even though we have two days off from school; Thanksgiving is just like any their holiday, were you fatten yourself up and no one will care, why, because it's a holiday and you should enjoy yourself. I try to be talkative around the table and start up a conversation, but it's hard when all you do nothing and sit around in your room all day, complaining about life. Do you know how weird it would be to start up a conversation like, "Hey, so all I did today was sit in my room, eat chocolates, and think about how my life is meaningless." Not quite the best way to start a happy holiday conversation now is it? Thanksgiving is a time of year where you're supposed to be thankful for all of the life's opportunities and the people that are important in your life. Last Thanksgiving, I invited all my closest friends and even my relatives. We all sat around the dining lit table with the smell of freshly baked pumpkin, spiced rolls and the decadent aroma of my mom's special stuffed turkey. The glaze on that turkey was too good for words, and when I mean ‘too good for words' I meant that I literally couldn't talk because I was stuffing my face. It had this beautiful brown color, a few charred areas, and a crispy crust with the slightest hint of lemon and honey. My favorite part of Thanksgiving was the spiced pumpkin cheesecake, which was my grandma's secret recipe. Once you cut into my grandma's spiced pumpkin cheesecake, there is no going back. The clean cut of the cheesecake is so satisfying, you just can't look away. But the cutting of the cheesecake isn't the best part, it's when you start to savor it, and it melts in your mouth. The flavors start to combine and warmly goes down your throat, making every bite so satisfying. The house felt so warm and inviting, it was the best I have ever felt. This year, all the decorations were the same, the same pumpkin

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