Importance Of Deliverive Education

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Register to read the introduction… However a teacher must be prepared for every eventuality. Before a lesson is delivered the safety of the learning environment and of all equipment must be carried out complying with The Health & safety Act 1974. This can be done via risk assessments. According to Maslow, every student needs to feel protected against injury and life threatening causes. Once this has been implemented behaviours and attitudes should be addressed by establishing ground rules. This can be done by following the 5 procedures described in the PTTLS handbook (2012) as create, justify, discuss, negotiate and devise new rules. This helps gel the group and makes them feel at ease with each other/ in their environment. I am the lead facilitator for PYP and find using ice breakers or team building activities also supports this process. Considering needs identified in stage 1, I can instruct volunteers/ assistants to offer additional support to specific students. This can range from SEN, or those with poor social skills/ low self esteem that may need extra encouragment. It is important that the student has clarity in the structure of the course and I always discuss the timetable on the first …show more content…
At PYP we have a mentoring system , undertaken in groups and 1 to 1 sessions. Through this we identify needs, assess achievement and signpost for referral. However we also set small tests/ questionnaires to determine learning achieved. Open discussions or student feedback also indicates where the student is at. In my role I rely on my volunteers/ assistants to provide verbal feedback or written observations relating to myself and the students. This is essential as whilst delivering some behaviours/ attitudes can be missed. General participation is also assessed to determine the delivering styles being used. When assesing behaviour/ attitude of the students we refer back to the learning contract and where necessary enforce a behaviour contract. This can exist of catching up during offsite visits or not being allowed offsite during

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