Importance Of Decryption

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Someone who seizes the encrypted message during the transmission is known as the interceptor. Interceptors are also wrongly known as ‘bad guys’ or ‘enemies’ but it should be known that not all interceptors are necessarily ‘bad.’ As long as the interceptor does not have the decryption key, they cannot see the plaintext, even if they have the decryption algorithm. For this reason, it is very important that the keys are kept secret in a safe place. When an interceptor finds a way to determine the decryption key, the algorithm is considered broken. To find the decryption key, the interceptor can do an exhaustive key search where they try every possibility for the decryption key. Today, the keys and algorithms are complex making it almost impossible to do an exhaustive key search by hand. For this reason, a supercomputer was created. Its primary purpose is to go through every possibility and see if the result makes sense.
There are two common types of cypher systems that are used, the first is called the conventional or symmetric method. This is when an interceptor can determine the decryption key from the encryption key. The keys are usually identical in this case. They are known as one-key systems. The other type of cypher systems is called the public key or asymmetric method. Oppositely, it is when the
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There has been a great deal of research on elliptic curve cryptography. Even though it has already been invented, it is considered the future since it is not yet fully understood. It essentially used the same algorithm as the RSA Encryption but instead of using prime numbers, it uses numbers that are chosen from a finite field within an elliptic curve expression. This allows the keys to be small but still very robust in terms of security. Likewise, it means that the time of encryption and decryption with the key will be reduced allowing more secure data to be passed with the same, high amount of

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