Importance Of Decision Making

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The activities of managers/leaders is centred around making decision – some good, some bad. If the result of the decisions reflects a favourable outcome then it is a good decision, but if the contrary is true than it is a bad decision. Most of the decision can be future-oriented.

- Decision making and Control are among the most crucial work of any manager. The possibility for an organisation to succeed or fail is determined by the quality of a manager’s decision over a given period of time.

- Making decision in uncertain condition can be very challenging for even the most experienced managers especially when time is not in their favour, and with insufficient info. It is interesting to know that in the midst all these barriers, choosing not
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Coordination challenge. The inability to easily arrive at a unified decision. 2. Social loafing: the tendency for some members in the group to hide and become inactive or less effective in the group. 3. Groupthink involves the tendency for some members of the group to become unwell to make critical suggestions. Just because majority agrees or says it is good does not mean that it is always right. At times we need to take a responsible critical evaluation. Being alone does not mean that you are always wrong, give it some time you might end up being in the majority. Groupthink becomes more evident when the group is large and cohesive – thy like each other, and deviating from the majority can be unjustly seen as an opponent of an “enemy of …show more content…
-Developing a one’s personal decision making skills via the “Premortem” module is phenomenal. Doctors do post-mortem to decipher a potential cause of death – this is done AFTER the problem has already take place. With the Premortem module, you anticipate or imagine a problem and try to avoid what has the tendency to make it happen. I see it a preventive module – as we usually say: “prevention is better that cure” it allows the group to delve into the “what if?” scenario.

Communication is a crucial factor in decision making. It is a coordinative tool in the implementation of management strategies. A huge amount of the managers activities are cantered around communication. The misunderstanding of any communication can lead an individual, group or organization to a dead-end. This is why a manager must be a good communicator – an eloquent speaker. It is quite appalling to know that a good number of aviation accidents are communication related. This underlines the fact that communication is an element of life and death.

Communication process: the three main function of communication in an organization are seen

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