Deaf American Culture Theory

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Critical Thought Question #1
Why is the theory of culture important to Deaf people?
What is the goal of the field of Deaf Studies?

This essay will be delving into two thoughts on the subject of Deaf Studies and Deaf Culture. One thought we will be exploring is why theory if culture is important to Deaf people. What does the Deaf community have to gain from this study of theory? How does it tie into Deaf Studies? The second thought we will be exploring is the goal of Deaf Studies. What does it have to offer? What can be learned there? These are the questions we will be answering throughout the course of this essay.
Why is theory of culture important to Deaf people? To begin to answer this question, let’s break down the two key words. “Theory”,
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This is a broader reclamation of culture, concerning the artifacts that make it Deaf. Deaf studies looks into American Sign Language (ASL) and what makes it a language. Deaf studies also looks into history to discover the lost pieces of writing and art. This field explores known Deaf people and their stories, spreading shared experiences across time to the newer generations.
Deaf Studies combined with the theory of culture gives the Deaf community a huge set of tools to work with. These tools are used to explore and discover what was lost so that old generations and new one can continue to learn who they were so they can further define who they are.
Over the course of this essay we have explored the use and goal of Deaf Studies, and why the theory of culture is important to the Deaf community. The theory of culture plays a crucial role in the building and growth of the Deaf Community and lends itself highly to the field of Deaf Studies. Deaf Studies in turn lends itself to the creation of Deaf culture and the reclamation of what was lost in the tide of oralism.
Now that these two trails of thought and been wandered out, we can walk away knowing that these two fields of study are important because the shape the foundation upon with the Deaf community

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