Importance Of Customer Satisfaction

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Register to read the introduction… Service companies who take their customers’ needs into consideration and focus on what’s most important tend to have repeat business. Market research teams target the "Four Ps"; product, place, price, and promotion. Identifying what your customers are looking for will ultimately impact your bottom-line and retain loyal customers. Moreover, service industries drive emotional engagement which influences profitable customer relationships. Engagement derives from the emotional attachment created by outstanding products and brands services. Take for instance, fast food chains they target customers who understand that not only is customer’s satisfaction more than just great service, reliability and quality are important they strive to be innovative to stay competitive. Today the educated consumer wants good service for a good value. In the past great service experience helped reduce pricing issues but now, the consumer wants both service and a good value for their …show more content…
Delivering quality to students in a competitive marketplace like online education dictates the need to continually enhance a student’s experience and satisfaction. Providing a unique student experiences is the key to winning them over in the new online degree arena. Pine & Gilmore indicated that consumers value the experiences of goods or services more than its actual tangible. In fact the experiences become a key element of the overall product being purchased and consumed (Pine & Gilmore, 1990). As a company we embrace brand recognition to keep new students interested in our products, and existing students happy by providing with excellent customer satisfaction and a career targeted degree. Grasse (1999) identifies theories that recognize brand as being anchored in consumer awareness as intangible assets of companies or as a theoretical construct, which is functionally depend on brand management (i.e. DeVry University). The brand assures the customer of a consistent quality and superior value for which the customer is willing to commit to the product, giving reliability, and also willing to pay for the results in a reasonable return on the brand. At DeVry we as students complete a survey during the last weeks of classes so that the quality assurance team can assesses the current state of the programs, professors, and the overall satisfaction as a whole. The surveys are reviewed and measured to identify improvements and opportunity for the company. As an employee and a student in the program I have been honest with my experience and have seen changed from feedback made. As a customer I see a value in the company they listen and take into consideration what I have to say and want to keep me as a returning customer. That philosophy is the same when I am recruiting for the program I can give perspective students my first hand

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