Importance Of Culture In Malaysia

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Culture is a way that people communicate with each other. Culture is defined as objective and subjective components that constructed by the human to enlarge the chances of exist in this world. It was created to let the human able to communicate with each other in a same language as they had a common living place and time.
The functions of the culture are to form a system and management of methods to survive. It also acted as a representation for the way of behaving and what outcome is expected from such behavior.
The elements of culture consisted of religion, history, values, social organizations and language. Religions are for providing rules for certain way of acting which will effects many aspects of life. Histories give directions
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The races of Malaysian include Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups. Malaysia is a distinctive and special country because of its variety cultures, races and religion. Despite of the differences between different cultures and races, Malaysia was a peaceful and stable country. Besides, there are also many global accomplishments which are the contentment of our country.
Notable characteristics of Malaysia are the multiplicity of the cultures, races and religions. Malaysia is also a country with rich culture and history. In Malaysia, families and friend and even people who are different races would visit to each other houses when they are celebrating a festival. Although the guest may have different races, they still can acknowledge and communicate with each other very well. Celebrate a festival together will strengthen the ties among different races. Moreover, the solidity and harmonious of Malaysia is also the speciality of nation. Malaysia is a country that the peoples live peacefully without any wars and clash among different cultures and races. Moreover, Malaysia is also a country that free from the natural events such as hurricane and earthquake. Hence, Malaysia is a special country because of its harmonious
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The muddy land was emptied and many wooden houses with ground and roofs were built. The fishing village, which is Saint John's village, gain the interest all around the country, and it eventually become one of Melaka's well-known place for tourists. The living quality of the villagers also upgraded.
The Portuguese Settlement in Malaysia also celebrates a festival in June annually. The festival starts with Festa Senjuang as known as "Feast of Saint John" and ended with Festa San Pedro which also known as "Feast of Saint Peter". There are many visitors from Malaysia and abroad attend this festival too.
Nowadays, the Kristang community still has cultural and semantic progression with Portugal, exceptionally with the Minho district, where many colonists migrated. The Kristang, which is known as the Portuguese community held church services in Portuguese. The reduction of the population of Kristang is getting serious as the language is not being teach in scools except for the Portuguese Settlement in

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