Importance Of Cultural Groups

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For this assignment, I chose four different cultural groups that have a decent amount of significance in my life currently that are in a sequential order from when they happened. They include: being born and developed into an African-American woman, becoming an older sibling, being considered as a young adult (from the ages of 18-24 years old), and lastly, becoming a child care professional. The one primary cultural group that I am highly affiliated with at the moment is being considered as a young adult; I am currently 22 years of age. I chose this cultural grouping because it would still apply to my life with me being a child care professional, an African-American woman, or being the older sibling regardless to if I am 22, 23, or 24. I also …show more content…
One thing that I never want to hear about young adults from 18-24 is that we are lazy. Young people are so mentally and physically driven to achieve their goals, they are also very creative, and they are also very resourceful. To have a drive, you have to have a mindset of achievement and purpose. Young people know what they want our life and they know how to succeed in getting it. Speaking physically, they make sure and may also take note of what their community, environment, or household needs in order to be successful and at its best. In regards to their creativity, young people are extremely savvy with modern-day technology which may include uploading videos and maintain a YouTube channel, designing apps, coming up with eccentric clothing lines and cosmetic products while exploring fashion and trends to new heights. And lastly, young people are vastly resourceful. We know thousands of people who in turn now thousands of people who can help us with our dreams and goals. We also know different places and sometimes websites to aide in our research and planning. All of these resources help to place the finishing touches on our big pictures in life. Stereotypes will tell you all sorts of myths and untruths, but knowledge reveals all. This is something important I feel because it allows untrue and negative preconceived notions to be debunked and uncover what honestly matters. I believe that my parents see some good in today’s generation however; it is hard with all of the stereotypes and lies being spread out us every day. In fact, it isn’t always the older generation discussing us in these ways. In most cases, it is us as a whole tearing ourselves down based on pride, resent, and jealousy. My father is a police detective and in his line of work he sees a lot interesting things, mostly with a bad connotation. Most of it includes the foolishness

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