Diversity In A Multicultural Classroom

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A Multicultural classroom starts with the teacher asking themselves “Who are my students”. Diversity in the classroom is such a huge factor that teachers need to realize. Racial diversity is one of the first thing you think of. Students of color now compromise approximately 40% of all students in Prek-12th grade public schools in the United States. Religious Diversity are increasingly getting more diverse and then culturally diversity can impact student learning and behavior. This type of teaching must support some key thoughts and ideas. Social Justice, Diversity, democracy, and equality. Cultural diversity is important because it provides acceptable patterns of behavior, predict how others will behave in certain situations, and determines …show more content…
Racial groups are comprised of many ethnic groups; conversely, ethnic groups may include members of more than one racial group. Race is a social-historical concept used to classify individuals based on a difference. More than 1/3 of nation is currently African American, Latino, Asian American, and American Indian. Different factors can contribute to the population growth of persons of color such as birthrate and immigration. Racial identity evolves with education and life experiences. Elementary and secondary students will be at different stages of developing their racial identity. A big key for teachers is to remember that students of color face societal constraints and restrictions that seldom affect white students. The biggest determent to culturally responsive teaching is racism. To understand racism, one must understand and acknowledge that there are differential levels of access to prestige, power, and privilege based on culture, ethnicity and race. Students race and ethnicity can have a significant impact on how educators perceive students and their behavior and performance. For teachers, many say they use the method “Color Blindness” Rather than pretending that race and ethnicity do not exist, teachers should acknowledge the differences and be aware of ways they can influence learning. Educators must comfort these issues on a personal level prior to entering the classroom, also they should not fail to confront racism when it does develop in the class room. Teachers have a crucial responsibility when it comes to preventing this idea from entering the class rooms. Even though their have been a vast improvement since the 1960’s in racism, this idea is still all over the news and across the media. Hiring more diverse teachers can help solve this issue, especially in areas that really do need this. Overall, race can affect the class room and the idea of culturally responsive teaching,

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