Importance Of Cultural Culture In Malaysia

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Malays, Chinese, Indians and many other ethnic groups have lived together in Malaysia for generations. All of these cultures influence each other, forming a true Malaysian culture. Malaysia's largest ethnic group is the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Malaysia is a multi-cultural characteristics of many different cultures, but some particularly special lasting influence of the country. Chief among these is the ancient Malay culture, throughout history, culture and the two most prominent Malaysian trading partners - the Chinese and Indians. This group is composed of three indigenous tribes, many of whom live in the forests and coastal areas of Borneo dazzling join. Although these vigorously maintain their traditional culture and social structure, they are mixed together to create a modern unique and diverse cultural heritage of Malaysia.

Malaysia has numbers festivals and celebrations, most of which is either a religious or cultural in origin, and swathed in tradition and ritual.

Generation of Malaysia

2.0 MALAY Malays had make up the largest ethnic group in Malaysia, which is more than 50% of the population. In Malaysia, the Malay word refers to a person who practices Islam and Malay traditions speak
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It is a cultural tradition that Malays use their hands to eat. Malays will use their right hand to eat even if they are left-handed because it was considered taboo to eat with your left hand (Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia , 2011, Page 163). One of the traditional food is ketupat. It is a rice packets and it is one of the food must have during hari raya. It were woven using young coconut leaves. Ketupat probably divided into two types, one is the use of feathery palm leaf (daun tupat) package and the other is tied with coconut leaf. Ketupat must be boiled for at least three hours before you get to eat

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