Importance Of Cultural Competence In Social Work Practice

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“The work culture used because it implies the integrated pattern of human behavior that includes thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values, and institutions of a racial ethnic, religious, or social group.”(NASW,200b,p.61) The social work practice has to be very knowledgeable in my opinion in cultural competence in better understanding the specific culture, language, social and economic nuances of those particular groups of society. This would look into the social role like what re the set of rights, duties, expectations, norms and behaviors that a person should fulfill. So I can say that cultural competence in social work practice implies a heightened consciousness of how clients experience their uniqueness, and deal
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What is also interesting is the multicultural influences that help identify each person by their unique physical structure, cognitive capabilities, affective attributes and divert among each member that help to say that no tow people look similar unless their identical twins from birth. Culture plays an important role in building a rapport of the client and without the client might have a cultural identity crisis and that would be hard to deal with to some degree. Finding that identity and assessing is beneficial in finding way to better assist with the issue and not cross any cultural boundaries. What matters to help towards how sufficient things have gone on how feelings are controlled, an experience of competence, and a guarantee of self-determination to close the file and move on to the next one? In the chapter that talks about this it tells about the ecosystem of the client and how it influences the client respectively. With this should be the developmental part of planning, implementing and evaluating change and how it I client initiated. Looking into it in any change from a social worker and client perspective in constructing plans and carrying activities and enhance client competence, activate environmental support, create alliances, and expand on …show more content…
There have been many improvements since the days of the Vietnam War to the most recent War on Terrorism that was felt by every American citizen from the 50 states to the US Territories. The level of service has also greatly improvement for our veteran community here in Guam, but the Department of Veterans Affairs seems to forget about our sister island of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Federated States of Micronesia and Palau. In the micro level practice I will looked into the veteran homeless and finding them appropriate homes, making them get into the health care that they need and most important to me is social service. Knowing that it is not easy to deal with a veterans traumatize by the experience of combat and for some seeing their friend die and could not do anything to prevent it from happening. For that I will work on family therapy, group, and individual counseling to get whatever it takes to help the veteran that is looking for help. For most part I want to make sure also that not just the veterans, but their families receive the benefits that they can use and earned to not just help their loved one who is the veteran but to help them in general, because for those that have not tried living with a veteran or even taking care of one is not an easy

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