Essay On The Cultural Nature Of Human Development

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The Cultural Nature of Human Development by Barbara Rogoff, is a book that shows how immensely important it is to remember culture when working with the concept of human development. In the short excerpt we received of her book, we were introduced to several different ways of viewing culture when thinking about human development. In this excerpt the author mentions things such as ethnocentrism, various orienting concepts that pertain to understanding cultural processes, and cultural regularities, all concepts that I intend to discuss. Another issue that I will address in this essay is the value of cross culture research vs culture research.
One part of our essay question was “what is the overarching oriental concept that our author provides?” The easiest
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The best way to begin a comparison of these two terms would be to define them. Cultural research is when research is conducted on a singular culture to determine things such as behaviors, beliefs, traditions, and other cultural processes, and researchers then determine how these things affect the development and interactions of the people of a particular culture. Cross-cultural research is much the same as cultural research; however, its defining difference is that it takes into account the variations in different cultures to establish widespread patterns. I believe that both of these research methods have some merit to them. With cross-cultural research, it is much easier to avoid making the assumption that one culture is representative of all of them, and that however that culture affects its people is what happens in other cultures. The benefit of cultural research is that you can get a more focused understanding of a cultural phenomenon that can be learned from; however, I would also say that it is far easier to fall into the pit trap that is ethnocentrism when conducting cultural

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