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Writing is described by Merriam Webster as “The activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text”. Yet to me writing has become a much deeper and emotional experience over the years. The first experiences I had with writing began when I entered first grade, directly after learning how to read very small paper books. I remember being extremely excited due to my great love for learning which I found out later fueled my even bigger love for creative writing.
Later experiences include me writing my own not very well written, short stories at the age of seven, as well as me taking on CP classes as soon as they were offered in English within my school district. Personally, I believe my skills and love for writing itself stem
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Creative writing on one hand is possibly one of my favorite activities, while research papers tend to scare me more than they should for various reasons stated above. Yet my arrival on campus has opened up my eyes more than I imagined it initially would. Coming to Bowling Green I was surprised at just how much assistance was offered. This vastly improved my view of writing and what I could do with it overall in any class I take. While I do have a love for my criminal justice major and greatly enjoy researching more about different aspects of it, I still struggle bringing myself to write high quality work. Personally though I feel like I would have an easier time writing these type of papers if they were less formal and traditionally written. Over the years I’ve come to realize just how driven I am by the things I wish to accomplish in my life. Though my goals have changed vastly growing up, physical fitness is something I struggled with as a child due to my allergy induced asthma, by constantly working hard and putting time into my goal I learned to manage my condition with ease. Completing that now allows me to finally reach my long awaited goal of joining the army later this year. This class will help me reach my goal by helping me learn to be resilient not only in the classroom but life in …show more content…
As we all know college is expensive and my parents both love the idea of more scholarships which are easier to acquire with a higher GPA. This class of course doesn’t contribute to this but I believe it will improve my writing in general. Papers are obviously common ways to judge just how well you understand topics in college, and being able to write well only allows me to improve my score. Overall I hope to excel not only in the class but in college as well, thankfully writing is a fundamental part of this and will only allow me to grow and flourish in any class I decide to take here. I also hope to one day write a novel of my own, so I can’t wait to write a separate literacy narrative years from now to see just how much these experiences today shape my future for

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