Creativity In Nursing Essay

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The Importance of Creative Approaches in Nursing
One of the most essential characteristics of nurses in any setting need to possess is the ability to communicate. Communication between the nurses, doctors, patients, and the patient’s families is utilized on a daily basis, and is necessary for the safety and health of all. The ability for nurses to find creative ways to communicate with patients has been increasingly regarded as an important tool to have. Above all, nurses make the most decisions of all medical professions, and so it is important that creativity is present in the practice so that nurses can incorporte the needs and concerns of the patients into their care plan. Human creativity has improved because of decision making and creative
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by Lanette Anderson MSN, has explained the impact of honesty, empathy, and communication in the nursing field and how they are related. Anderson emphasizes that effective communication needs to be honest. Promises need to be kept, and one must follow through with what they say they will do. A nurse’s ability to be honest will help the patient trust the medical team providing care and positively affect the patients willingness to cooperate. Anderson also mentions that a nurses ability to empathize will only strengthen the relationship between themselves and their patients. When nurses show empathy towards their patients, it establishes a connection between the two that strengthens communication on several levels (Anderson).
Because of the new and creative ways of communication that nurses are practicing in clinical situations, creativity has improved in the medical field. Creativity in the medical profession is such a vital characteristic because of the growing need to communicate with patients and other medical staff. Also, for the growing need to accommodate the needs and concerns of others and their personal beliefs and/or background. For future generations, creative approaches to communication for nursing should be a priority in education and

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