Importance Of Consultation In Hypnotherapy

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Register to read the introduction… The conscious mind starts to develop later on and as we experience more things our belief systems start to form. Between these two parts of the mind exists the Conscious Critical Faculty. The CCF can be seen as a filter between the conscious and the subconscious that enables us to compare a new situation with our belief systems. During hypnosis it is essential that the CCF is bypassed in order for the hypnotherapy to be more effective. During the initial consultation it is possible to start to bypass a client's CCF by using the right words and suggestions. The use of suggestion is one of the most important factors to the use of hypnotherapy. Waking hypnosis is defined as 'the suggestions that are given to a person in a certain manner while they are in a normal state of consciousness'. They achieve a hypnotic effect without the use of a relaxed state. Hypnosis is only effective if the client is totally focused on one thing so starting the process of bypassing the CCF is the initial consultation is 'paving the way' (so to speak) before the proceeding therapy sessions begin when this process can progress further. Milton Erickson was a master at this style of therapy and some techniques that he used to bypass the CCF were retaining good eye contact, talking in a sincere and calming manner and keeping with the client's own personality, keeping the conversation on a positive and motivational …show more content…
The initial consultation is a fantastic way to create a good first impression for a client which helps build up rapport giving the client peace of mind before their hypnosis sessions. The only way hypnosis is effective is if a client's mind is calm and at ease as this gives access to the subconscious, the initial consultation paves the way so to speak as the client can ask any questions that they may have for the therapist which will help put their mind at ease. The importance of keeping records can not be stressed enough and the initial consultation is a perfect time to gather all the appropriate information and details needed for the hypnosis sessions. Although a therapist has to give away their free time I believe that the initial consultation plays a very important role in hypnotherapy and without it the proceeding sessions could not take place as

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