Importance Of Conduct Meeting

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Action item 2-Conduct meeting:
A month after meeting is scheduled we will conduct meeting and address the importance of the meeting to the staff. All medical and supportive staff are responsible to undertake the meeting
Action item 3-Address approaches to increase patient volume:
Based on the feedback from the meeting, we will assess the best approaches that can maximize our patient volume by 50 percent. Five staff members will be selected (three from medical staff and two from supportive staff) on the meeting day. The selected staff members will perform this tasks two months after the meeting.
Goal 2: Maintain high patient satisfaction by providing quality health care services Action Item 1: build patient friendly staff
We value our patients
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Hence, taking more time than standard, physicians can get a better understanding about the health status of their patients.
Action 1: Increase time by 10 minutes for physician-patient relationship
Our goal is to maintain a healthy community and restore health for those who affected while providing exceptional services. Understanding our valued patients wants and needs, we will increase the time that physicians can spend with their patients by 10 minutes than standard time. This action is effective beginning the new strategic planning application. All physicians are responsible to adopt this rule.
Action Item 2: Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the allocated time
While allocating such more minutes than standard is time consuming, Bloomington clinics believe that the more time allocation physicians can spend with their patients, the better health outcomes are. However, we will assess the effectiveness of the allocated time every three months after we apply an action.
Table 1: Action Items & Strategic Analysis

Strategic Priorities

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