Action Item 2-Conduct Meeting

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Action item 2-Conduct meeting:
A month after meeting is scheduled we will conduct meeting and address the importance of the meeting to the staff. All medical and supportive staff are responsible to undertake the meeting
Action item 3-Address approaches to increase patient volume:
Based on the feedback from the meeting, we will assess the best approaches that can maximize our patient volume by 50 percent. Five staff members will be selected (three from medical staff and two from supportive staff) on the meeting day. The selected staff members will perform this tasks two months after the meeting.
Goal 2: Maintain high patient satisfaction by providing quality health care services Action Item 1: build patient friendly staff
We value our patients
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Hence, we all staff members will participate in discussion to solve such problem. This action item will be performed at the staff meeting scheduled day above.
Goal 2: Implement equal participatory and ownership rights among the physicians
From our SWOT analysis, we saw that one of our weaknesses is unbalanced ownership rights. The founder physicians are always the controllers of the business while minority physicians’ not. To implement equal ownership rights, we will do the following action items.
Action Item 1: Revise the ownership handbook
Ownership handbook is our guide to practice equal rights and responsibilities while sharing a stake ownership. Therefore, we will incorporate revised equal rights and responsibilities of stakeholders. This task will be performed by administrative personnel with no more than 3 months since the start of strategic planning.
Action Item 2: Distribute the revised ownership handbook
Two weeks after the revision of the ownership handbook, we will distribute them to the stakeholders. Again, administrative personnel are responsible to accomplish this task.
Strategic Priority 3 (SP3): Allocate more time for patient-physician

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