Is Competition A Good Thing Analysis

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“Everybody loves you until you become competition,” (“Competition Quotes and Sayings”) or at least, that’s what everyone seems to think. America’s society values competition and billions of dollars are spent annually on sports alone. Some believe that we value competition too much, and that it is destroying our ability to be unified and work together. Others believe that competition is a healthy way to breed innovation, and that without it; people would be less motivated to create new things and solve problems. The fact of this matter, however, is that competition is extremely beneficial to society because it promotes growth and learning, encourages advancement, and causes humans to be more motivated. To begin with, competition is beneficial to society because it promotes growth and learning. …show more content…
“If there was no competition, we would have never landed on the moon. The main reason we even went to the moon was because of national pride. We simply had to beat the Russians and show our biggest competitors that we are number 1” (“10 Reasons Why Competition is a Good Thing”). Competition provides humanity with a chance to see who their competitors are, and what they are up against. By showing competitors the most elite in their ranks, it holds them to a higher standard, and thus, encourages them to think outside the box, work beyond those people, and innovate so as to prove they are the best. Nancy Pearcy once stated “Competition is a good thing. It forces us to do our best” (“Quotes About Competition”). In all, she’s right; if you wish to be the best, looking up against your most prime competitors will breed the drive, creativity, and cleverness to help you improve to reach YOUR greatest. By eliminating competition, America eliminates the motivation for the human race to desire to advance, succeed, and better itself, rendering us to be settling for

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