Non Profit Community Events

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Non-commercial events include charitable events, community events and not for profit community events. Although there is a financial gain in charitable events, the surplus is intended for charitable purposes. Community events are not for private or corporate gain, but for the benefits and interest of the local community or for raising funds for local community facilities. Not for profit community events are events where a minimal participation fee is charged to cover the costs of the event and not to gain profits. The events are often intended for the benefit of the participant’s and other spectators.
Community events should be considered in the context of community policing. There is the need to establish and maintain good relations between
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The members of the public will have to pay an entrance fee in order to gain access to the event. The event is also characterised by securing the site of the event. Furthermore, there is a promoter for the event which is the local football club hosting the match. The charges for this event should be based on the full economic cost of providing police services. However, it is also important to take into consideration the decisions in recent cases. The police services provided upon the request of the organiser and any policing activities provided within the footprint of the event are chargeable at the full economic cost. This includes the services of the two officers who are usually outside the grounds and the 6 additional offices in the grounds. The request of the local association that represents licensed premises is for police services outside the footprint of the event. These police services are provided outside the request of the event organisers and are intended to ensure order and protection of property. These services are provided in the ordinary discharge of police duties and are not

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