Student Representative Reflective Essay

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My experiences in High School as a Student Representative, at community college furthering my education, and in the office of my local State Representative have all been integral in my decision to apply to Temple University. I have gained experience working in my school, community, and state. The skills I have obtained have shaped my life going forward in a positive and meaningful manner.
The first experience that had a profound impact on my personal development was my position as Student Representative to the School Board during my senior year of high school. I had always taken an interest in leadership and found out that the Student Representative reported to School Board meetings and reported on events at the High School. At the time, I was an average-at-best student. After attending four different schools in four different years, I suffered from severe gaps in curriculum and had an issue with depression and anxiety. Both of these went unaddressed until my sophomore year in high school. Despite returning to a healthy and capable state, I was three or more years behind in areas such as
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I have made great strides in my core education by taking my general education requirements. I have worked to address areas where I still lacked from high school with my professors, and to catch up to a college level curriculum. I closed prior gaps in my foundation, and also addressed how I approach college classes. Within a few months, I was hired by the College as an Administrative Assistant and have since gained beneficial professional experience working inside the college administration. My involvement at all levels of the college, from peers and professors to higher levels of management are stronger and more involved than I would have expected before applying. It is because of these relationships that I am both a better student and member of the campus

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