Importance Of Community College Retention Essay

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Importance of Community College Retention
The community college surfaced in our society in the 20th century when people faced global and economic competition (Cohen &Brawer, 2003). Community colleges, according to Cohen and Brawer (2003), are sometimes a student’s first choice or their only exposure to higher education. During the 1970s, there was an increase in funding for community college. With an increase in funding, many states opened up community colleges to address the growing concern and community colleges became plentiful. The community college system became increasingly popular because they provided an opportunity for students to attend college, earn degrees that cost less and take less time, eventually leading to the job market (McIntosh, & Rouse, 2009). With an increase in establishment of community college, increases the amount of students attending college. This is important step for the United States in order to fulfill a need in the global community.
Nationally according to US Department of Education (2012) President Obama created an objective to increase the number of college graduates in the United States. The President would like to have 27 million Americans graduate with a degree by 2020. It is anticipated that many of these students will obtain a 2-year degree; therefore, it is important to insure that students who enroll have programs in place to increase retention rates. Community colleges will see an increase in student populations thus putting…

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