Family Communication Strategies

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When you think of professionals, you want to make sure that they are the right one for your child. You want to make sure that the professional can understand your views of the child. It’ important to find different ways to communicate with families because you will never know what barrier you could face. With all these different barriers with families not speaking the same language and with different stress levels it can be hard to truly communicate with families. You want to make sure that the teacher actually listens to your concerns like priorities, hopes, needs, goals, and even wishes.
As a parent, you want to make sure that the providers are cognizant and respectful of your family’s culture, beliefs, and attitudes as they plan and carry
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This information can be in the file of Family Center Services. The way that I would use this in the situation would be when the family is discussing about the napping schedule. I can use this principle to communicate different techniques and strategies with the parents to see if we can communicate about it. This principle can help me listen to the parent’s conversation and understanding the relationship between Jamisha and the parents. I would use this principle to help provide encouragement to understand the differences among the concerns and the real family …show more content…
Active Listening is a technique used to increase understanding between you and families. Sometimes when people are talking, the person they are talking to is so busy thinking about what to say next. Empathy means acknowledging someone else’s feelings and means imagining how the other person might be feeling and what that person’s emotions, thoughts, or circumstances, might be all without trying to ‘fix’ the problem. The way that I would use active listening to explore family’s practice and beliefs with the family would be to pay attention when they are talking to about their practice and

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