Importance Of Communication Systems For Internal Partnership Working

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Register to read the introduction… By liaising with external partners at regular meetings and discussing, listening and hearing ideas and problems, solutions will be able to be found to any communication improvements which need to be made. Sometimes this may mean reaching compromises or it may just involve alleviating the anxieties of others in the partnership.

The use of effective communication systems with our partners is essential in ensuring a close link is maintained. Our communication needs to take into account the differing relationships we have with these partners. The needs of the partnership we have with relatives will be very different from that of our regulators. However, there are also many similarities. All communication should be accurate, timely and courteous. It is merely the way in which we communicate that may vary.
Most communication with family may be informal, day to day nature with all parties keeping each other informed. Care reviews and relatives meetings also play a vital part in the effective communication between the
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Justify the purpose for which the information is needed.
2. Only use personally identifiable information when absolutely necessary.
3. Use the minimum personal identifiable information possible – if possible use an identifier number rather than a name.
4. Access to the information should be on a strict need to know basis.
5. Everyone should be aware of his/her responsibilities to respect client confidentiality.
6. Understand and comply with the law. The most relevant legislation is the Data Protection Act 1988, the Police and Criminal evidence Act 1984 and the human Rights Act 1988.

Essential standards for quality and safety Complance Criteria

5. You can expect you care provider to constantly check the quality of its

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