Importance Of Communication Facilities For Disaster Management

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Register to read the introduction… The Non-Governmental sector that operate at grassroots level, can provide a suitable alternative as they have an edge over Governmental agencies for invoking community involvement. This is chiefly because, the NGO sector has strong linkages with the community base, and can exhibit great flexibility in procedural matters vis-a-vis the government.

Based on the identified types of NGOs and their capabilities, organised action of NGOs can be very useful in the following activities in different stages of disaster management.

Stage Activity

Pre-Disaster: * Awareness and information campaigns

* Training of local volunteers

* Advocacy and planning

During Disaster: * Immediate rescue and first-aid including psychological aid

* Supply of food, water, medicines, and other immediate materials

* Ensuring sanitation and hygiene

* Damage assessment

Post-Disaster: * Technical and material aid in reconstruction

* Assistance in seeking financial aid

* Monitoring

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In event of actual disasters, the community, if well aware of the preventive actions it is required to take, can substantially reduce the damage caused by the disaster. Awareness and training of the community is particularly useful in areas which are prone to frequent disasters.

It is laudable, the efforts in certain areas where communities have formed their own organisations which are take the right initiative in such situation. One such Community based organisation is the Village Task Force formed in villages of Andhra Pradesh (South Indian State prone to tropical cyclones) by the Church Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA). The Village Task Force has been trained in emergency evacuation and relief within the village. It is elected by the people themselves and during disasters it serves as the nodal body at village level which has to mobilise resources for the community and disseminate necessary information passed on by the outside

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