The Importance Of Group Counseling

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How I will require members to assert themselves and to help ensure equal group time would be by, calling them out. If we are talking about a topic and I know they are well-informed in that area I would feel confident calling on them and asking them to share their thought on the topic. At the beginning of each class I can call on someone new to start off the conversation for the day. How I will help members overcome feelings of alienation, stigmatization, and isolation is by talking to each and every one of them and confronting those who need to be confronted. I will do this by including everyone in decisions even if it’s just a few words. I am also willing to stay after for anyone who has a concern with these problems. By confronting I am …show more content…
I’ve learn that giving empathy can be a good and bad thing. Knowing when it may be appropriate verses when it may not be is important, as it may tell the member that their problem is bigger than they think. Giving instructions is important for a leader in any group. A leader needs to be able to help if someone needs more instructions and willing to repeat themselves over and over again. Being supportive is for your group is essential. Letting them know you believe in them may be the only hope they have receive from other people. Then the limitations in my facilitation skills at this point in training would include not enough experience, confronting and communication. Everyone would benefit from having more experience in group work. The more experience the more you’ve seen and have an idea on what may be the best ways to help. Confronting takes confidence within one’s self. This is another skill where the more practice I have with it the better I will be. Communication would include knowing when to give the right advice, knowing when to share something about myself and responding. Again, the more involvement I have with these skills the better I will

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