Importance Of College In College Essay

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Why College is Necessary College isn’t for everyone, but it can be necessary for financial stability. A college education is expensive, however down the line it can be worth it. Statics show college is clearly worth the investment, and even going into some debt to achieve goals. College is necessary because it has the potential to provide job stability, makes it easier to receive steady income, and furthers your education. College is necessary because it has the potential to provide job stability. What most employers clearly want and need are liberally educated professionals. Statics show 85.9 percent of students entering college stated “to be able to get a job” was the number one reason they were pursuing college degrees. 83 percent …show more content…
A four year college is only one route to a good job. No matter what career you choose, a degree from a two-year or a four-year college will always be a big plus on your resume. On average, workers with college degree earn more; 5.4 percent for those with an associste degree from a two-year college and 5.2 percent for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher from a four-year college or university. Once you’ve completed a two-year or four-year, and eneter the field you are interested in, in most cases you will be the first choice for a position before a person who doesn’t obtain a college education. (qtd. By Harlow G. Unger pg. 13-15) Im not saying that everyone has to go to college but it would be a wise decision to consider it. Most people have the same dream to have a family, nice car, and job stability and to help achieve most of those goals is going to require some type of college behind them. It can open many doors to so many different opportunites. On avareage people with a college education can make twice as much as people with a high school diploma. Some believe it is a waste of time but it can further your education, during my research I’ve come across many things that advise the reader college isnt always necessary, everyone is entitled to there opinions. If you want to go far in life you should always want to know and learn more college is the place for

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