Importance Of College Attendance

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College attendance has been a major argument in recent years. Most professors want all students to attend each and every class. Why is college attendance important? Attendance is a crucial point that helps the students keep up with lecture and assignments that the instructor forwards.
If a student plans not to attend, he/she must provide the instructor with a log that shows that they are keeping up with the course material. There have been some disagreements on whether college attendance should or should not be mandated. These arguments started when college students were given the privilege of being called mature enough to make their own decisions which led to many students not attending class, resulting in many students getting lower grades.
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Since most students are against the idea, the professor started using indirect ways of mandating attendance. One was is giving extra points for participation to those who attend which indirectly made students come to class to get their extra point (because who does not want some extra points). Participation is the indirect meaning for attendance, but before there was an attendance policy the average exam score was higher than in the years there was an attendance policy. This shows pushing students to attend could have an effect on their grades. New media is one of the reasons for causing students’ absenteeism. Medias like wiki, video clips, and user published blogs are used as a learning guide. This raised the universities attention but a student’s survey proved that not to be the main reason for students’ absenteeism. 70 percent of the students did not skip the class for that reason. Only few reported that they were missing due to that …show more content…
So it is better if the other student make their own choice because they would not be a destruction to the other who actually came to learn. The influence of new media had some effect on some but was not found to be the main reason for the absence of the students. Effort and intelligence determine the grade of a student not attendance. Guidance should be given but not enforced. Universities are formulating new strategies that could apply to every student. By helping students attending gain extra points but does not harm students who do not. There are different ideas flowing around but there isn’t and would not be a true solution to this

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