Why I Chose Interior Design

College and Career
Although it requires long hours, Interior Design is a viable job for me with the job availability in urban areas, the variety in the job, and the time for the education; however I want to pursue another path first The Young Americans, a great opportunity that would allow me to travel, teach kids, grow musically and experience different cultures.

The availability of jobs for Interior Designers is predicted to grow thirteen percent, from two-thousand and twelve to two-thousand and twenty-two, about seven-thousand jobs new jobs in ten years. The job availability is one of the biggest things because if you go to school for a career, get all of the schooling and training required and then can’t get a job it’s kind of not worth
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variety in the specific job, variety in what the job requires and variety in the people you work with, meeting new people and expand my horizons. There is variety in what I could do with a degree in Interior Design, some of the options include Interior Design Assistant, general Interior Designer, and specialized Interior Design like space maximizing, Sustainable Designer, Universal Designer, Kitchen and Bath Designer, Lighting Designer; All of these are types of Interior Designers and things that I could do. When looking at what the job requires each specialty would require different abilities that if I wanted to change it up I could concentrate more on one area, or being an Interior Design Assistant gives me completely different duties. As in the name an interior Design Assistant would be one of the first steps in becoming a full fledged Interior Designer of any kind, doing the things a normal assistant would do picking things up making sure the little details are dealt with while the boss, the already full fledged Interior Designer, takes care of the actual business of the job. Being an Interior Design Assistant would give me the chance to observe get experience and meet people that are already in the business and learn from them. As an Interior Designer, or as an assistant I would have to deal with people, that is not a drawback for me but I would get to deal with many different people, some that are going to annoying but some that interest me, all of which I can learn from. Interior Designer deal with people obviously in everyday life but with work I would be in contact with the mostly clients, the suppliers or the things I use, and

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