Importance Of Code Of Ethics In Marketing

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Every day in the world humans face ethical problems and must come to decisions. We use our beliefs of what we think is right and wrong to come to an ethical decision in our day to day life. In the world of marketing and business people are faced with even challenging, complex ethical issues. To help make reasonable ethical decisions business and organizations often make a code of ethics that relates to the business or field as a guide on how you should conduct and make business decisions. Relating to my field of study, the American Marketing Association has made one of these codes of ethics outlining key points and characteristics to go by to be successful and to act ethically in marketing. They cover honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, transparency and …show more content…
We should speak clearly in all our advertisements about products and show honesty and communicate clearly to all our shareholders. Telling the truth upfront can help avoid and disputes that may happens for not being honest or transparent. In marketing, it is also helpful to listen to the customers or shareholders on how you could improve. They are the people we are servicing and we should listen to make a product, promotion or advertisement better or more effective. Practicing this can keep us more competitive. And if a product was found defective it’s imperative to take actions immediately in effort in protecting customers, shareholders and the company. We also have a responsibility to the local community. We should be mindful of the environment and we should also give back to the community and change the way people see marketing. Not only should we be mindful of the community we reside but in other communities insuring we are not benefiting from the lack there of, for example, in a developing country. We should respect and value all walks of life in any area and make decisions with the best interests for everyone

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