Internet Censorship In China Essay

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China’s Internet Censorship It is not good to be right when the government is wrong. And since most governments get to choose what they think is right even if it might not be, there is a good chance that somebody is not going to agree with them. This is a growing problem today in China where their communist government gets to choose what their citizens see and don’t see. It is unnervingly similar to what happened in George Orwell’s science fiction novel, 1984. The government, which is headed by Big Brother, took control of everything and brainwashed their citizens to believe anything that they told them. That is why Internet censorship in China is a step away from making Orwell’s dystopian novel a reality. So, what exactly is the Chinese government censoring their citizens from? There have been a number of incidents in China’s past that they do not want anybody to talk about or even know for that matter. One teacher asked her students from China “if they had heard about the death by starvation of 30 to 40 million people during the so-called ‘three years of natural disasters’ in the early …show more content…
These people are known as “netizens” and they are challenging China censoring the Internet by using words that sound or look similar to words that they censor. They are doing this so they do not become like the proles in 1984 where “the thing [they] invariably came back to was the impossibility of knowing what life before the revolution had really been like” (Orwell 72). This will be the fate of the people of China if they do not do anything about it and they are going to need to do something about it soon because it is getting progressively worse. The government has already gone so far as to suppress their citizen’s freedom of speech and what we consider a basic right, so there is no telling how far they are willing to go with

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