Importance Of Character Education In School

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Register to read the introduction… Students can posses this understanding at a young age and carry it with them throughout life. Character Education in school systems now teach children ethics and morals in all lesson plans and discussions with out focusing on religion to have students understand what they are doing. Also, children in schools today can learn how to treat others with respect and be a better person later in life (Ryan & Bohlin, 1999). According to Finck, Hansen, and Jensen (2003), with the intervention of character education there was an increase of grade point average, decrease in disciplinary infractions, increase in student achievement, and better cafeteria behavior. Studies done in 1991 show that who students who attended a school system or are taught in a curriculum that demonstrates caring, their grade point average increases, as well as the rate of teen pregnancy and alcohol abuse decreases (Desert Morning News, 2004). This states right here why character education is so important in the school systems today.

Technologies in
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Schools all over the nation are adopting new strategies to increase the student body’s learning and education. According to the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, technology can increase the students learning and education, if used properly (1999). Also, you need to make sure that not only do the students and teachers know about the new technology, but you need to make sure that the community as a whole understands the whole aspect of new technologies coming into the school systems, what it is doing, and how it is being evaluated (NCREL,

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