Importance Of Censorship

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Censorship is necessary
What would the world be like if there was no censorship? If there was no censorship a lot more would be different. Children should not be seeing or hearing bad images, words, and games because it may influence them to have bad behavior as in their actions in public or also at home. Censorship is significant for our society for many reasons: protecting our kids from negative influences such as images, movies, and games.
Censorship is helpful for adults and children because it protects them from ideas and pictures. Pictures can poison children's innocent minds with pictures they should not see at their age. Ideas can influence children to make horrible choices that they should not think about doing as a child. Children
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Violence in games can trigger their minds to think that shooting and killing are ok to do and it is not ok. Games can influence children to copy what they see on the game system like killing, shooting, and profanity such as bad words or curse words. Censorship can help prevent children from hurting themselves and others. Censorship can block out what can trigger kids to do what they should not be doing. Censorship may prevent kids from seeing what they will see soon or later but why ruin a good childhood? Censorship helps kids be kids so they do not have to worry about how cruel the world actually is. Censorship can help protect young mind so they do not have worry and they can continue to be kids. protecting kids is really important because if not a lot of things as in behavior, reactions, words, and actions can affect children around them and others.
Some people think it is up to the adults to keep their children from seeing or also hearing what they should not at their young age. Censorship will help parents keep their kids from seeing only what they should see and hear. Yes, children will learn about it soon or later but why ruin their childhood with something they should not know right now. Censorship is very helpful and it should be a big part of protecting kids young and innocent minds.
Censorship is helpful because it protects our

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