Claw Management Of Cats Essay

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Cats love to play no matter what breed they might be. Their playful nature is what made them adored by many. But sometimes, your cat can be rough when playing as they extend their claws trying to outmatch you. Claws are important to cats because they use them for climbing, grabbing, and balancing. Here are some essential facts you need to know about cat’s claws.

Cat’s Swiss Army Knife

Claws are multi-purpose tools for all types of cats, big or small. Cat’s claws grow in front of their toes, designed to catch and hold their prey or food, compared to human nails that grow on top of our fingers to provide protection. Normally, cats have five claws on their front paws while four claws on their rear paws. But some cats called polydactyl are born with more than the normal number of paws.

True polydactyly is a congenital physical abnormality in cats and can be
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It is a natural part of their lives just like breathing air. Cat experts also do not recommend declawing your cats with their precious tools. What you can do is train them to scratch on proper objects, such as the scratching post, and trim their claws, which carries benefits to you and your cat.

Claw Management of Cats

There are many ways to manage your cat’s claws to prevent them from damaging your furniture or harming people who like to play with them.

1. Get some soft claws for your little tiger. Soft claws are nail caps that effectively blunt their claws. It is a humane alternative to declawing. Your little tiger can still perform scratching actions but the caps prevent any damage to happen. It protects people playing with your cat, furniture against claw damage, and even cats themselves when they interact with one another. Soft claws may also be used as fashion tool, particularly for those who love dressing up their cats. They usually last up to six weeks and can be used long-term without worrying about adverse

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