Importance Of Career Planning

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Corporate planning is a strategic tool used by the companies to set long-term plans to meet certain objectives such as business growth and sales volume. It is similar to strategic plans, but place greater emphasis on using internal resources to achieve end goals. It include two elements and there components.

Career planning is a continuous process of thinking about interest, values and skills. It include mainly six elements such as goals , experience, interests , values , education and skills.

Career planning is a subset of career management. Career planning applies the concepts of strategic planning and marketingto taking charge of one’s professional future.
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It makes you aware of your strength and weakness and the skills and knowledge that are required to achieve your goals in future.
The process of career planning is also known as career development stages and career development model. These steps help you in planning your career and deciding about your future.
• Self-assessment
It is a process that helps you in assessing your skills. Your potential, your strength and your ability to fulfill your aims. As the name of the step suggest , you assess yourself and then based on your analysis and keeping your strengths and weakness in the mind, you draft your future plans.
• Self –development
Once you have self-analyzed yourself , the second step that awaits your attention is to fill the loopholes you have identified in the above step. By thus we mean that in this step you have to see that what are what are the qualities and skills that helps to achieve goals and objectives.
• Research self-development
Once you have listed the careers that are favorable in your case and the skills and improvements that are required to intensive research and see that what are the findings related to career

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