Walmart Business Ethics

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What is business ethics? Business ethics is a set of morals and principles that defines right or wrong actions we decide to take. Business ethics is important because it defines you as a person, organization and society. Business ethics covers many fields that we speak about on daily basis such as corporate practices, social responsibility, truthful audits and accounting, fair labor and environment for employees is also very important. Employees need to understand the correct ethical responsibility they have to conduct a healthy work place and a better society without corruption.
Laws and ethics go hand in hand together, how people choose to live and relate to one another is based on their personal morals and beliefs. Laws can be viewed as
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This all causes a net loss for the communities it moves into. A high percentage of Wal-Mart goods come from foreign suppliers, which takes away from many American jobs and causes Wal-Mart to gain even more profit without having to deal with decent labor regulations in the United States. Also offering lower wages and more hustle work environments. It has been proven that Wal-Mart pays off most foreign governments to keep silent about their various factories and work …show more content…
Most business owners believe that you cannot conduct a profitable business and an ethical business at the same time. You are forced to choose between both and socially responsible for your decisions.
The connection between ethics and profit has been debated and it has been established that trust and integrity are essential elements to sustain a successful and highly profitable business relationship. Citizens, customers, stakeholder, shareholders and employees want to know that they are investing in a well ethical business with integrity to its own society.
Competition is always present to all companies, the pressure to not follow through bad habits and gain a community trust from being more socially responsible does pay off. The fight against corruption is always a struggle for today’s globalized markets and organization. When companies work ethically, they will always overcome their competition. Customers want to do business with a trusted and stable partner. Committing to a company with a good business ethic code of conduct is a key factor of good business with a stable profit. I advise more organization to improve their ethical moral and to teach their employees to operate in an ethical manner to gain a happier and healthier lifestyle. Chris Osterndorf article really helped me understand why Wal-Mart is not sustainable

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