Strengths Of Bureaucracy

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In this assignment I will be talking about bureaucracy and how it is no longer applicable in today's business environments. The topics I will be covering will include defining and understanding what is bureaucracy. I will also be covering bureaucracy's main features and the strengths and weaknesses of bureaucracy. I will then justify whether it is applicable in today's business environment and finally give my opinion on bureaucracy and why it is no longer applicable in today's business environment.
According to the book Organisational Behaviour by John Schermerhorn (Page 389-390¬, Year 2004), A bureaucracy is an ideal form of organisations whose characteristics were defined by the German sociologist Max Webber. Bureaucracy is very simple and
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The strengths of a bureaucratic are:
* With the clear rules and regulations, control will be easier to manage over the employees.
* Reporting relationships are very clear and well defined so no confusion will arise.
* Decision can be monitored and the system is centralised.
I think the advantages of bureaucracy is good because it sets boundaries for workers and keeps them alert because they are certain rules that they cannot break making it easier to manage them. Decision making is always monitored and it is centralized, this will reduce all the redundancy and unwanted information when decision making is being held, making the business create decisions, that will be very effective for the business to make.
The weaknesses of bureaucratic are:
* Processes like decision making are very timely and will take time.
* Employees might get bored from their job
* Communication may not be clear because it has to go through so many levels that sometimes the message gets
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In today's society people don't really like the method Max Webber created because people were limited to only communicate colleague to colleague and it was harder to communicate. Communication was very slow because you can't directly communicate with the head of the company because there are levels of hierarchy and you are only allowed to communicate with the level above you.
Today's businesses are also constantly changing which is not suitable for bureaucracy as I have mentioned above. It is also not suitable because employees were chosen because of their skills and not because of who wanted to work the hardest for the job. The way it was managed was very boring to the employees as well because they were only assigned to the job they were specialized to do and when they were assigned to a different job, it was very hard for them to adjust. The employees also felt a lack of specialness and felt like they were treated as a number, rather than a person.
So therefore I don't recommend it in today's society. It actually worked in the olden days but now that the world is constantly changing, it is not recommendable in today's business environments. People are now also more happier when they are able to communicate with one another inside a

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