Importance Of Biopharmaceutics

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This is the in-vivo or in-vitro study of various physiochemical factors including developmental and design factors affecting the rate and extent of drug absorption with regards to the pharmacological effect of the drug. Biopharmaceutical studies use this result to improve likely problems that could arise from poor drug absorption and increase the bioavailability of newly formulated drugs. The main purpose of biopharmaceutical studies is to increase, monitor and maintain the rate at which a drug is released from the drug product, which can only be done by altering the developmental process during formulations of a the drug product and the drug to get the desired result and ensure good therapeutic effect and rational release
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They are the basic and universally acceptable factors put into consideration for examination of drug product development. Physiochemical nature of the drug, rate of solubility and dissolution rate of the drug are essential Biopharmaceutical factors considered in drug product development. It provides the scientific platform for drug product design and development. These factors if maintained and controlled ensures that the desired amount of drug is absorbed into systemic circulation from the drug product, distributed, metabolised and excreted adequately with little cause of toxicity. These factors can be fully explained in detail …show more content…
The pharmacodynamic effect together with the pharmacological effect of a drug should be considered to produce a well-designed drug product that will help in achieving desired therapeutic outcome rather than interfere with the pharmacodynamic properties of the drug. For example a drug like cetirizine require fast and rapid relief since, it is an antihistamine that is used to stop anaphylactic shock and prevent immediate death due to exposure to allergens. It is required to give rapid response and the drug product developed for this particular drug should give rapid release of drug, allow quick absorption and show rapid onset of drug in site of action to exert desired therapeutic effect. Drugs required for even faster absorption can be given through parenteral route to skip absorption phase so as to give better and rapid onset, with no first pass mechanism ensuring one hundred percent bioavailability of drug administered into systemic

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