Importance Of Biomedical Signals

1.1 Introduction to biomedical signals
Biomedical Instrumentation is the branch of medical science where the medical instruments are to be studied. Biomedical instruments are used to record, analyze & process the biomedical signals. Biomedical signals are extracting the information from biological systems like brain, muscles or heart etc, under investigation. The extracting information may be so simple to note the pulse rate of a person from wrist or so complex like analyzing the information from heart by using ECG. There are various sources for extracting signals from the biological system (Khandpur R. S., Handbook of biomedical instrumentation, 2e;, page12). They are:
1. Bioelectric signal:- ECG (Electrocardiograph), EEG (Electroencephalograph), GSR (Galvanic skin response), EOG (Electrooculography) and EMG
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Biochemical Signals:- Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers from the body that control and regulate the body. These signals are extracted from the chemical measurement of living tissues & samples which are taken from living being.

4. Biomechanical Signals:- This signals are extracted from some mechanical function of the biological system. The flow of blood & pressure signals, all types of motion & displacement signals are the example of the biomechanical signals.

5. Biomagnetic Signals:- MMG (Mechanomyogram) or MEG (Magneto-encephalogram) are the examples of biomechanical signals which are observed from the surface of muscles when it is contracted. Biomagnetic signals are obtained from the magnetic field produced by electrical currents occurred naturally in the brain of the living things.

6. Bio-optical Signals:- Bio optical signals can observe either naturally or the signals may be introduced to measure a biological parameter with an external light medium.

7. Bio-impedance Signals:- An electrical impedance signal can be obtained due to the changes in blood volume or blood resistivity from human being.

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