Who Is Bilbo A Hero

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In the Novel, “The Hobbit”, written by J.R.R Tolkien is a hobbit named Bilbo. A typical hobbit doesn’t go on any adventures, they love to stay in their homes and eat comfy food. Bilbo isn’t your typical hobbit, at first he refused to go on any adventure when a wizard named Gandalf asked him to the impossible. But as it turns out, it isn’t the impossible. Bilbo and thirteen dwarves set out on a tough adventure to slap a dragon and take back their treasure. Bilbo helped save the dwarves countless of times and help his friends get back their home and receive some treasure. He wasn’t in it for the treasure, he was made great friends. Some friends were lost, but weren’t forgotten and Bilbo learned that money and treasure isn’t everything. He lost …show more content…
Bilbo proved everyone wrong. Being a hero isn’t simply putting your life at risk or doing good deeds to get rewards. It is being loyal to your friends and helping them achieve their goals. Bilbo ended up doing three out of the four things i mentioned. He risked his life multiple times, remained loyal, and playing a huge role in getting back Thorin’s home. There were many events that occur making Bilbo a hero. When the dwarves were taken from the forest by the elves. Bilbo made a choice, he could either follow them and set them free. Or try to find his way out of the forest. He chose the first one. He put on his ring and became invisible. He was being a true burglar, but looking for an escape plan. He find one, shipments were being brought in by a lake. Bilbo being the smart hobbit that he is. Decided to put each dwarves in each barrel. His plan has uncomfortable, however successful. Bilbo put his friends first, which a true hero does. “Of course he was not in a barrel himself in, nor was there anyone to pack him in…”(pg 168). Bilbo didn’t think about himself, he didn’t think about his outcome only his friends. Even though heros should care for themselves, most make sure their companions are safe and well. Bilbo managed to escape on top of a barrel and set him and the dwarves free. That is what a true hero does for one

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