The Importance Of Big Data In Healthcare

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The big data can be defined as the set of a large volume of collected data from both the digital and traditional sources that could not be handled by the traditional means. The big data is important in the research process because it provides a convenient way of analysing and solving scientific problems. The presence of big data proved problematic to the lives of the physicians leading to the introduction of new and modern technology to analyse the big data. The healthcare uses the modern technology to collect and disseminate big data that is crucial in identifying the cause and cure of diseases. The social media and the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems are some of the technology used to disseminate the big data. The healthcare industry …show more content…
Regarding the usage, the presence of the big data in hospitals has several uses in the healthcare industry. First, it makes it easy for the significant stakeholders to find the correct and right data relevant to their practice. Finding the correct and right data makes it easy for the physicians to effectively manage the health problems and the patients (Ladha&Eikermann, 2015). Additionally, the presence of the big data in the field of healthcare makes the accessibility of the significant reports and information easy. Earlier, the medical practitioners found it hard to access the important reports and information as it required them to conduct extensive research. Moreover, the big data gives the users of such information security since the big data is secure. The security of the big data is guaranteed by the fact that the information is stored online and protected using different methods such as use of antivirus software as well as passwords. The passwords protects the big data against being accessed by unintended people while the antivirus software will protect it against …show more content…
The introduction of big data due to the advanced technology in the health care comes with various benefits. The following are the benefits of the big data in the healthcare system. First and foremost, the big data keeps the important information and data secure and safe for future use and reference. Secondly, the big data reduces the cost of operation and maintenance in the healthcare settings because a lot of information is collected. The collected information can be used to solve several health issues that could require research.
Besides, the big data enables the medics and physicians to conduct a risk analysis of the healthcare. It helps in assessing and identifying the factors that negatively affect the healthcare 's success and growth in delivering services to the patients. It has been noted that the healthcare faces strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks. The above risks affect the operation and treatment of the patients. The big data helps the health care system to identify the threats and realize the risks. Therefore, the senior management will be able to successfully manage the identified

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